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About Melody & Mike Rivera

The power of experience, love of Denver, and determination to bring the utmost professionalism to every client interaction are just a few of the reasons Melody and Mike Rivera form together to create a successful team of brokers at Kentwood City Properties.

With a combined experience of over 40 years in real estate, The Rivera Team brings the best negotiating skills in the marketplace to the table. Melody’s past experience owning her own business as a chiropractor and Mike’s as a restaurant development consultant have forged extensive relationships developed over the years with mortgage companies, contractors, architects, and designers.

Boasting true native credentials, both Melody and Mike are home grown Denverites.  Understanding the quirks and nuances of emerging and established neighborhoods, The Rivera Team can help buyers become familiar with a neighborhood’s past and future, along with its architecture, schools, parks, and personality. Sellers will benefit from their ability to showcase a property in a way that distinguishes it in today’s highly competitive, unpredictable market.

Melody and Mike pride themselves on their knowledge of every intricacy in the real estate market. From million-dollar-plus to small investment properties, the Rivera Team has achieved success at every extreme and every market condition. As industry leaders in buying and selling, Melody and Mike’s passion for their work shines through in the success of every transaction they manage.

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Melody and Mike are amazing! We have worked with other realtor through the years, the Rivera's tesm hands down are a class act. Mel never sleeps, constantly going in efforts to help you find your new home. Not only did we find a realtor for life, but we earned new friends. Thank you guys for everthing!  

– Jennett Bezdek April 18, 2017


I've worked and known Melody for about a year and find her to be highly knowledgeable of the Denver Market on many levels. She is energetic, responsive and and fun to work with. She never pressured but always provided input and counsel as necessary. I love her!!! I would recommend her to any of my friends / colleagues anytime!  

– Randy Deboer April 27, 2017


We had a great experience working with Annie and Melody buying our first home. They were able to help us navigate the competitive market and get us into a great home within our budget.  

– Bill Dekam April 27, 2017


This is not the first time we have done business with Melody and it won’t be our last. With her guidance, we found the perfect place for our son on just the third condo we looked at…put in an immediate offer, and found out just as quickly it had been accepted. I don’t think there is a nicer, more caring professional in the business. Always ready – always prepared – confidence inspiring…a delight to work with.  

– Ed November 22, 2016


Efficient and so pleasent. I would happily reccomend her.  

– Cheryl April 27, 2016


She is extremely knowledgable and attentive. , I regularly recommend her to my friends who have expressed an interest in buying.  

– Matt May 14, 2016


Melody was excellent to work with. She provided a great understanding of the market from both a buyer's and seller's point of view which helped support and progress both transactions. Her and her team were professional and on-point at all times. They created a seamless process for us. I would highly recommend Melody to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.  

– Michael May 23, 2016


She's Great! Easily accessible by phone/text/email.  

– Jaclyn & Thomas June 29, 2016


She met our needs with a caring and personal perspective.  

– Elda August 13, 2016


She knew what we were looking for and strived to find just the right home  

– Pj August 14, 2016


Melody is an outstanding agent. She helped my son purchase his first property and went over and above what any agent would normally do. I would highly recommend Melody to anyone looking to buy a property in Denver.  

– Marshall August 29, 2016


Mel is very knowledgable and professional.  

– Beatrice September 21, 2016


Thank you not only for being an excellent realtor, but also our new found friend. You know 2017 is the year of love. Take care and hope to have lunch/ dinner soon. Lil & Tere  

– Lil and Tere January 1, 2017


Thank You so much for all of your help these last few months. You made the buying and selling of our house's such a smooth process. I am so glad you came to us for Bagel Mondays and we were able to work with you outside of the bagel shop too! Can't wait to make some baby foot & hand prints and I think next time we see you we are going to have a little girl on our hands! Michael & Marisa  

– Michael & Marisa September 8, 2016


Dear Melody, This 'Thank You' is long overdue. I had so much fun looking at houses with you, the end came so quickly. I'm really glad that I found you and Mike again because you listen so well to what I was looking for & have so much experience & knowledge about the area, it made the final decision & offer process feel comfortable. Also Thank You so much for the beautiful cutting board & awesome knife. I've been reading about the history of NW Denver & can recognize some of the buildings now! Take care & hope to see you soon at one of your awesome events. Sincerely, Kathy.  

– Kathy August 2, 2016


Efficient and so pleasant. Highly recommend her. Cheryl  

– Cheryl April 18, 2016


Melody. Thank you for your patience and perseverance. We couldn't have done it without you. Kelsey is so excited and appreciative. Gary, Judy & Kelsey  

– Gary, Judy & Kelsey February 10, 2016


She is not only a good friend but a consummate professional that is so on her game that it is fun and easy to buy real estate. Lisa  

– Lisa October 5, 2015


Melody was great to work with. I especially appreciated the fact that she immediately responded to any questions or calls that I left. I would definitely want to use her in the future if I needed a realtor again. She was wonderful, and I am glad I was able to have her. Jan  

– Jan November 15, 2015


I appreciate the efforts The Rivera Team has made to interact with the local community. This includes the smoothies, bagels, and now this holiday promotion their offering. Wow! This is a very unique thing that you don't see often and I really appreciate it. Zeb  

– Zeb November 27, 2015


Melody is very knowledgeable about the area and the housing market. She always responds and informs in a timely manner and has a polite and respectful demeanor. There were a bunch of issues we had to work through, but in the end they were all resolved and I am so happy in my new home. Max  

– Max March 27, 2016


I bought and sold 2 properties with Melody. Buying a house can be stressful, especially if you don’t have the right experienced team in your corner. Any realtor can sell a house but it’s Melody and her 20+ years’ know-how that clearly takes the worry and anxiety out of buying a house. Sure, you can hire a cut rate realtor who will give you a great deal on commissions but you will always end up paying elsewhere in the process. Proven experience, patience, negotiating skills, and having a stellar team - that’s Team Rivera. Todd & Gina  

– Todd & Gina March 30, 2016


Melody is the best real estate agent my family has ever worked with (and we've worked with a lot). She was always a pleasure with a smile on her face, extremely knowledgeable (very appreciated for a lil Texan like me) and willing to go WAY WAY beyond the call of duty, which made this process so much easier for me and my family. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a Denver real estate agent. Thank you again Melody!!! Laura  

– Laura December 21, 2015


Melody is very organized and smart, and was attentive to our needs. She is a fabulous real estate broker. Mike M.  

– Mike M. July 24, 2015


Mike was terrific, very patient and always listening & understanding my needs. He kept in touch all the time and gave us good advise and ideas. It was a great opportunity to work with him, in fact we will invite him to have dinner at home so we can share our happiness in which he had a great contribution. Rene  

– Rene August 6, 2015


Mel, We talk all the time, BUT....I just needed to put this in writing...YOU ARE AMAZING! Nice work, YOU made this closing happen. Matt - Cherry Creek Mortgage :)  

– Matt-Cherry Creek Mortgage May 29, 2015


Dear Melody, I wanted to Thank You for your hard work and professionalism on a successful closing. You were a pleasure to work with. I hope we can do another deal together in the future. Sincerely, Jennifer  

– Jennifer August 4, 2014


Melody and Keri! Just a note of thanks for all the support & help in finding us our new home. I know it wasn't easy & it took awhile, we appreciate all of your patience & persistance. We want you to know your efforts paid off..we LOVE our new home..we are settled in & it is PERFECT, even Gus is happy! Thank you for the Wine of the Month gift, although the first bottle didn't make it past the first of the month. And Keri..Gus has never had his own name tag - perhaps he was waiting for an official residence to call home. Tim & Lisa  

– Tim and Lisa July 9, 2014


Mike and Melody, Thank you for your generous donation to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado! Your support will help our organization to provide mentors and positive role models to the children in our community facing hardship and adversity. I appreciate your supporting a cause important to us. Cheers!  

– David - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado December 17, 2014


Melody and Mike, Thank You for your time and energy! You are always there when we call to see the 'next' house. Thank you too for the monthly wine...I think perhaps another house is in the near future. Tony & Catherine  

– Tony & Catherine October 27, 2014


Hi Melody, Hope all is well! I just wanted to Thank You for all your help finding a house with me. All is going very well and am excited to use the fireplace! Ben  

– Ben October 16, 2014


Dear Melody, Just a note of THANKS for all the support and help in finding us our new home. I know it wan't easy and it took awhile - we appreciate all of your patience & persistence. We want you to know that your efforts paid off - we LOVE our new home - we are settled in & it is perfect! Tim & Lisa  

– Tim and Lisa April 17, 2014


Mel and Mike, Thank you for the awesome gift and flowers, Very Thoughtful! We enjoyed working with both of you! David & Christina  

– David & Christina February 15, 2014


Dear Melody, I wanted to Thank You for your hard work and professionalism on a successful closing. Your were a pleasure to work with. I hope we can do another deal together in the future. Cheers! Jennifer  

– Jennifer February 3, 2014

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